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Baby Diapers Range Lovingly Designed
For Comfort, Safety & Top Notch Quality

100% Bamboo Topsheet: All bamboo nonwoven are with FSC certificate which can be fully biodegradable.

Triple Elastic Ear-patch: Provide a better fit and comfort for active baby.

Super Absorbent Core: With high-quality super absorbent material from German to lock liquid and keep surface dry upto 8-10 hours

Ultra-Breathable Bamboo Backsheet: 100% Bamboo nonwoven backsheet makes it biodegradable and also allow air-circulation inside to keep butt dry.

Wetness Indicator: Remind you it is time to change the diaper.

Zero Chemicals : Our diapers contains zero harmful chemicals and allergens preventing any kinds of rashes

Aloe liner : Natural aloe oil which nourish baby’s skin and keep diaper soft.

Certified Beyond Certainity


Breathable & Comfortable :

Natural bamboo fiber sheets that are ultra comfortable and baby soft


Absorbent & Overnight :

Our highly effecient pulp helps absorb wetness for long hours


Safe & Naturally Preventive :

Our diapers are not just soft but also naturally antibacterial & hypoallergenic


Green & Clean :

Our diapers are green, sustainable and biodegradable


Worldwide Acceptance :

Our diapers are ceritfied by notable institutions - SGS, ISO, FDA and many more

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Biodegradable Bamboo Tapped Diapers

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