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Mother knows best!

Bhoomi in sanksrit means Mother Earth. Mother Earth is nature’s womb. Just like a Mother’s womb it is natural, nurturing and 100% safe. Inspired by this, we at Bhoomi are crafting responsible, natural, eco-friendly baby care products that protect your baby like no other.

Chemical Free | 100% Safe Diapers

Choose environmental friendly disposable diapers with the same quality as the market leaders.



We used Bhoomi Bamboo Diapers and it covered my 7 month old for night time. We got the bamboo and they are so soft and super absorbent. They fit great with plenty of room to grow. I’m very glad I went with these instead of purchasing more of the other diapers.

Arun's Dad

I was trying my best to keep getting chemicals off of my families bodies also diaper waste out of the landfills. After trying Bhoomi Bamboo Diapers I was hooked. I could take my daughter out for a couple hours without the need for a diaper change due to wetness. They are a functional and babies were kept in mind with the exceptional fit and stay dry technology.

Veena's mom

I am a first time Mom and the thought of bamboo diapers has always been on my mind. I tried Bhoomi Organic Diapers. Our little one was a bit too small and i decided that bamboo diapers is the only diaper we will be using from now on. No leaks when compared to other conventional diapers.

Shiv's Mom